It is easy to succumb to the magic and beauty of Bali, a lush island paradise with an easy-going atmosphere to sooth the most weary of souls. The Balinese culture is still lived in tune with the old traditions and customs, in spite of the fact that tourism is such an important industry. The arts are in evidence everywhere, adding to the richness of the Bali experience. Through the expression of dance, tales of an ancient culture and heritage are told and passed down through the ages. Religion is the essence of Balinese dance, and themes can be as classic as good against evil, soliciting favors, or simply mythical. Cultural and religious rituals and temple festivals are a daily occurrence on Bali, and there is no lack of subject matter for the artist’s eye. However, for me, dance became my favorite of the arts. How can one resist the dancer’s gentle grace and their elaborate and colorful attire?