The desert is a sparsely populated area, and a large part of Ethiopia is a high fertile plateau supporting most of its population. Ethiopia has an ancient history, which could be the focus of a lifetime of study. My attention was centered on Timkat, or the celebration of Epiphany, as well as on the tribes of the Omo River area. Ethiopia is primarily Christian, and the festival of Timkat is the most important of the year. During this festival, parades fill the streets with the participants outfitted in spectacular robes and headdresses carrying elaborately carved crosses. Chanting and drumming continues throughout several nights - a hauntingly beautiful experience of this sacred event.

The Omo River valley is home to a number of tribes, each with its own culture and traditions. Most, including the more well-know Karo, Hamer and Mursi, still live in much the same way as their ancient ancestors. Wearing animal skins, cowry shells, chunky metal jewelry, headdresses and body paint, the Omo tribal people were some of my most visually interesting subjects.